Best Women's Complete Sticks of 2016

Coming through the half-way point of 2016 (I know... already), some top names having been making a point to be the top competitors in the women's world. There sticks have been a dominate force across the lacrosse nation, being seen in summer leagues, tournaments, high school games, college games, and even pick-up leagues. No matter where you play, you still got to look and feel great and this is what these brands do. Here are the top 3 complete sticks that are loved by the women's community. #1: STX Crux 500/Exult 500 No doubt, both of these STX gems are loved, depending on position so they had to be combined. STX is known for their 10 Degree Technology for both of these sticks to the ball drives to the sweet spot of the stick every time for a quicker release. The STX Crux 500 is perfect for those advanced attackers out there who are looking for the extra edge over defenders and goalies. Creating an excellent shot every time with its precision shooting, it doesn't get any better than this stick. This is a top-of-the-line stick to make you a top-of-the-line player. stx15_crux500_stick_front_all2_ The Exult 500 is more of a midfielder stick that is perfect midfielders, especially those who take the draw, because of its C-Channel of reinforced sidewalls for extra stability. What is special that is not on any other stick is its string lock technology that lets you never have to worry about bagging again! It locks up your pocket to make it safe and secure in any weather. lase5rcs-complete #2: Brine Mantra III: Coming in a variety of colors, this stick is perfect for the field, while also fitting your style. For advanced players, this gives any player on the field peak ball control. It has a curved top-to-bottom sidewall design to provide consistent pocket depth in any weather. With its new technology of Mirror-Tech and TruOffset, the head maintains perfect symmetry to reduce any thickness and maintain the maximum strength is requires. If you are a Brine fan, this stick is perfect for you. whoman3-wbk-3_1_1_4 #3: DeBeer NV3: This stick is a highly recommended favorite with midfielders who are not particular about the 10 degree offset like STX fans. It is very traditional with a sidewall that provides not only a great feel and ball control, it is very lightweight to improve all qualities of handling the ball. What is special is that is has a 6.5 degree raised ball stop to improve catching ability, ball retention, and the largest pocket depth allowed. This is an easy pick for midfielders because of the ease of scooping up ground balls is a must and this is what this stick gives players, while giving no wear or tear on the top lace. db-nv3-complete-stick_5

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