Top 5 Lacrosse Shafts of 2016

Every lacrosse head needs a shaft, and since we already gave our top 5 lacrosse heads from 2016, now we are going to cover the top 5 Lacrosse shafts from 2016. There were a good number of shafts to come out, so it was hard to pick a top five, but we are confident that any one of these shafts will help bring your game to the next level, so lets get started: 5.) Warrior Evo Pro The Warrior Evo Pro is now one of Warriors top shafts they have in the market. With its unique control shape, the shaft provides great feel and control. Made with Krypto Pro materials, the Evo Pro provides an amazing strength to weight ratio, which is what we all love. Available in either attack (30 inch) or defense (60 inch), anyone can pick up this fresh handle to step up their game. Warrior Evo Pro Lacrosse Shaft 4.) Maverik Mission Blank Maverik Mission BLANK Lacrosse Shaft Definitely one of the most unique shafts in the market right now is the Maverik Mission Blank. By focusing all of Maverik's attention on engineering the shaft for top performance and not worrying at all about the graphics, they were able to produce one of the best shafts out there. This shaft was built with high grade scandium alloy to give it a superior strength to weight ratio. Maverik's traditional shaft shape creates added strength with no added weight and with help from the Smooth Bead Blasted finish, your hands can quickly move up and down the shaft with ease. The Mission Blank was made for strictly business, not looks. 3.) East Coast Dyes Carbon Pro Coming in at number three, with three different length shafts available is the East Coast Dyes Carbon Pro shaft. Whether you are a midfielder, attackman, defender or goalie, you can get this amazing shaft. Each position length has its own unique Flex profile to create maximum performance at each position. Also with added Kick Point technology strategically placed throughout the shaft, you can now clock in your fastest shot possible. This is East Coast Dyes most advanced, complete and lightest carbon shaft. 2.) EPOCH Dragonfly 7 The EPOCH Dragonfly 7 series is one of the best series of shafts in the market right now. The Gen. 7 is the seventh generation of Dragonfly shafts with FlexiQ, ReLoad Technology, Torque Box 2, 12K weave with active release technology and naked cosmetics. With so many generations, they were able to fix and update any problems with the previous ones to make this the best generation of shafts yet. With IQ5 and IQ9 technology, you can choose if you want a stiffer (IQ9) or a more flexible kind of shaft (IQ5). With so many options, its hard not to find a Dragonfly that you would not like. 1.) Maverik Hyperlite Maverik Hyperlite Attack Lacrosse Shaft The best shaft that came out in 2016 is the Maverik Hyperlite. Coming in with two different grips, GritGrip and Matte, you will find a finish that you will fall in love with. Made with Carbon Fiber construction for feather light weight 5.0 oz feel, it is definitely one of the lightest shafts in the market. Not only is it one of the lightest, but it also has an amazing strength to weight ratio for how light it is. Its traditional shaft shape and different grip types allows for impeccable traction and feel. You will definitely not regret purchasing this shaft. This completes our list of the Top 5 lacrosse shafts that were released in 2016, hope you guys enjoyed it. You cannot go wrong with any one of these Lacrosse shafts, at the end of the day it is your preference and this was just our opinion of our Top 5 best.

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