STX's Newest Release - Stallion 500 Gloves

There was one missing piece to the STX Stallion 500 series ... but not anymore. STX is releasing the final piece to the puzzle, the STX Stallion 500 Gloves. Just like the other products in the series, these gloves look amazing and really took a step up. There is everything you can ask for in these gloves. stx-stallion-500-gloves Featuring AirCooled Technology to keep your hands cool on any day of the week. You will not have to worry about those hot and sweaty hands of yours after your summer league games. This technology also allows breathability, so air can flow in and out of the glove so they will not smell as bad either. stx-stallion-500-gloves-2 Have you ever struggled to find a safe place to put your mouthpiece when you are not playing? I know I have multiple times. Now, instead of squeezing it in between a random spot in your glove, or in your helmet, you can safely and easily slide it in the Guard Lock. Located on the top of the glove, the Guard Lock was put there for one reason and one reason only, to slide your mouthpiece in there and not have to worry about losing it. guard-lock Also featured in these gloves are the HexPro, Powerfit Profile and IsoThumb all made for a custom, comfortable fit. These added accessories also help with traction and feel, you can move your hands easily along the shaft, but still have the traction to keep them there. Available in white, royal, red, navy and grey, this is the ideal glove for anyone, it has everything you could ask for and more. You can pre-order the STX Stallion 500 Gloves on Monday, January 9th, and they will be released Monday, January 16th. It is never too late for a late holiday gift!

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