Top 4 Products Used in NCAA Women's Lacrosse

After an exciting weekend of victories and upsets, the Final Four for the NCAA Women's Lacrosse Tournament has been set for this upcoming weekend. 1. For most of the teams, the go-to goggle to optimize vision is the STX 4-Sight Forms, especially for the UNC Tar Heels who had held off the Irish after a close first half. stx-lacrosse-goggles-4-sight-form-graphite-slate-angle_3 2. Next, is the STX Crux 500 head and shaft combo which has been a dominate seller for attackers. This has helped Alyssa Murray's game, a well-known alumni for Syracuse, for her control and accuracy. The Trojans were recently defeated to the Orange by an overtime goal by Kelly Cross, who are using the same equipment. stx15_crux500_stick_front_all2_-1 3. For those midfielders out there, the STX Exult 500 is very popular across teams. Having a wider head for easier ground-ball pick up, Penn State has been seen to strut these out on the field, especially in their win over Number 7 ranked University of Pennsylvania in the upset. stx15_crux500_stick_front_all2_ 4. All of the teams were sporting new gear from Nike, including Attack Mode T-Shirts specially made for the teams. They went along with the new Nike Huarache V Trophy Pack cleats that have gold bottoms. These elite cleats are taking the lacrosse community by storm. University of Southern California and University of North Carolina were wearing them the past weekend. screen_shot_2016-05-12_at_11.28.04_am_1<1>

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