The New Maverik Tactik Head

Over the weekend, Maverik introduced their new Tactik mens lacrosse head, which is scheduled to be released July 4th. Over the last year Maverik released some awesome products such the Optik, Centrik, and the Tank. All of these heads were very successful meaning it's safe to assume that the new Tactik will be the same. MAVERIK17TACTIK-mainbig5 This head will be most ideal for any attack-man or midfielder who wants the most control and feel out of his head. The curved "Level 3" bottom rail provides for a stringer to lace up a nice mid pocket allowing for both accuracy and power in the pocket. Maverik's new XRail Technology was engineered to evenly distribute the force from a check to the stronger lower rail. This great feature allows for a lightweight head that doesn't jeopardize strength. Another great new feature is the Duratough Material which again allows for maximum strength regardless if you're playing in the freezing cold or the smoldering heat. Lastly, the new optimal release point on the Tactik increases the hold in the pocket allowing for more control and adds extra power on your shot when shooting and extra snap when passing. This head will be great for an attack-man who likes playing off of his defender's actions or a midfielder who likes dodging from the wings, intitiating contact. The Tactik will allow for a lot of hold so the ball will stay in the stick and with the high energy transfer on shots, the ball is ready to rip net whenever the player decides to post up and shoot.MAVERIK17TACTIK-mainbig1

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