Thompsons to Maryland

IMG_3584 Early Friday morning, the head coach of the Florida Launch announced that the organization was trading Lyle and Jeremy Thompson to the Chesapeake Bayhawks; in exchange for Mike Lowe (D), Mark McNeill (M), and the 8th overall pick in next years collegiate draft. At first glance, the regular everyday fan might scratch their head at this transaction. However, I think this is a great organizational move! There is no doubt that the Thompsons are a polarizing family in the lacrosse world, so losing them will hurt regardless the compensation. But looking at the young Florida Launch, young bodies at mid and defense are exactly what they need. Aside from the effects on the field, I'm looking at the ramifications this is going to have off the field as well... This trade reminds me of when the Cannons moved Paul Rabil to the New York Lizards. I didn't understand at first; but I had a feeling that the teams worked it out because its what the sport needed; the biggest name in the biggest city. I have the same feelings towards this trade. 2/4 of the biggest lacrosse family (Thompsons vs. Stanwicks coming in a later blog) moving near Baltimore. Having the Thompsons near the epicenter of lacrosse in the United States is huge for the game.

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