The New Era of Lacrosse Mesh

East Coast Dyes' new Vortex mesh is more of a new revolution of lacrosse mesh bringing a new concept to the current stringing market. For nearly 20 years, mesh has been the same with little to no change other than materials used. 10 diamonds across and 14 diamonds long with a uniform diamond structure. Over that span of nearly 2 decades, our game has seen changes from game play, to stick and stringing rules... Vortex Mesh offers the first big change to stringing supplies! ECD used their iconic LTH fibers which have proved themselves to be durable in all types of weather and paired them with the new HybridWeave concept. This mesh has 2 different diamond structures in the same piece of mesh! Conventional qc_20161123101244-2 hexagonal diamonds outline the perimeter of the mesh which allows you to string a stick like you always have, without having to learn new techniques. Square diamonds strategically placed within the center of Vortex Mesh to create the ultimate sweet spot pocket. This HybridWeave technology simulates the feel of having a V or U shooting string, which has been recently outlawed, for increased feel and ball retention. This must be how people felt when they first starting using mesh rather than traditional leathers. I for one am elated to see ingenuity and innovation involved in our great game. But what's next??? Maybe some kind of cross-concept between the Warp and Vortex mesh? Like a duel diamond structured mesh directly fused to the lacrosse head.. Imagine that.. Last year Warrior Lacrosse introduced their Warp lacrosse head. Image result for warrior warpThe first lacrosse head to utilize a new "mesh" concept in nearly 2 decades. They used a polypropylene material and a 3D knitting process to mold the fabric directly into the lacrosse head with a kevlar bond. The Warp is also unique in the fact that it does not require sidewall stringing or shooting strings. Warrior engineered each pocket for peak performance right off the shelf. It takes some time to get use to but I see where they wanted to go with the idea. Warrior Lacrosse and East Coast Dyes continue to innovate and change the game. And I feel like these two lacrosse goliaths have just paved the way for future innovations! The Warrior Warp is now available and ECD Vortex mesh will be available Friday 11/25 at your local Universal Lacrosse location or you can shop online at Universal Lacrosse. the idea.

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