Celebrities and Lacrosse

Now that the beginning of the 2015 lacrosse season is finally here I’ve been trying to watch as much as I can. I'm loving what I have been seeing in terms of gear, by the way. STX, Brine, Warrior, and Maverik have amazed me with this years custom team gear. Only a few games have been broadcasted on television so far so that leaves me streaming a lot of the games over the Internet, whether it be through one of the teams sites or even ESPN3. The lack of television broadcasting doesn’t really surprise me because its still really early in the season, at most the most games some teams have played is three. But still one of my main complaints about having to go through a school’s video streaming site is the lack of good game commentary. This seems like a weak complaint but think about it. If you’re stuck watching a game where the announcers are straight up putting you to sleep you’re going to stop watching the game no matter how close it is. This happened to me this past weekend. In a pretty big game, UNC vs Johns Hopkins, the person that was calling the broadcast made watching paint dry seem fun! I don’t mean to rag on the poor guy but come on man! Show some enthusiasm! The slow monotone voice just won’t cut it if you want to make it into the big leagues. This severe boredom that I was sitting through, even though I was watching two of my favorite college teams battle it out, got me thinking. Who would I love to hear call a game? I’m thinking more along the lines of what celebrity personnel would fit right in into the broadcasting room. I like someone who is insightful and interesting to listen to so I don’t loose focus. Obviously my first thought went to my man, and the voice of God himself, Morgan Freeman. Mr Freeman has been narrating anything from movies to documentaries for years now so I think It’d be great to hear his awesome voice call the shots in a place like Syracuse’s Dome.
What would your favorite celebrity rock? What would your favorite celebrity rock?
There are many other celebs that I thought would be great for this job but with my ADD I was almost instantly on a different thought. Who would I like to see strap up and take the field? Could you imagine if someone like Adam Sandler threw on a Cascade R and ran some mid? Would he be a Maverik guy or more of a Warrior user? I’m thinking Happy Gilmore would love an awesome combo like a lightweight Maverik Union with a nice Warrior Evo 4. And you know who I think would be an absolute MONSTER on the defensive end of the field? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. That behemoth of a man would be the most terrifying sight on the field. He already played DI football so you know he has some moves. Just imagine this mountain of a human being holding a STX Hammer 500 with a Brine Triumph X standing between you and the goal. I think I would honestly just roll him the ball and apologize for thinking otherwise. I know I might have gone a little off topic here but I just wanted to fill you in on how my weekend thought process works most of the time. Kind of all over the board but still focused on one thing. Lacrosse. IT’S ALL U

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