The Era Lacrosse Anaconda FOGO Grip

FOGOS are always looking for new products that will give them a competitive edge at the x. Whether it's a new head with a better flex point, a shaft optimally shaped for the position, or a new mesh that doesn't catch on the ball when trying to get it out after the clamp, FOGOS crave new things that will make them better. IMG_1834_1024x1024 A small company called Era Lacrosse has completely changed the FOGO market with their rubber "Anaconda FOGO Grip". This product is meant to be put at the top of the shaft where the players top hand will go and allows them to have the most grip when clamping and fighting for the ball. The Anaconda grip comes packaged with a roll of plastic on the inside, and to install, you put it up to where you want the grip to start and pull away the plastic inside. This causes the rubber grip to lay perfectly uniform on your shaft and it will not budge. The rubber grip itself is extremely sticky when feeling with your bare hands, but the grip only multiplies when you put gloves on. The leather or suede from the palm of the glove mixed with the extreme grip of the Anaconda FOGO grip makes it nearly impossible for a player's hand to slip off. Because of that, a FOGO will have maximum control and feel when dominating the x. IMG_1815_1024x1024 Before getting to use this product, our biggest concern was the weight increase, but it really is negligible and would not be noticed in game. It does feel slightly top heavy when shooting and passing, but it does not adversely effect the product. One of the coolest features is that when its wet out, the grip will only get stronger. We initially thought that when it got wet, the rubber would get slippery, but really it does the opposite. The best part is that this product is not limited to only FOGOS. Goalies will have a great use for it as well because it reduces shaft spin on hard shots and also absorbs some shock on the hands when the ball is saved. Overall, with the easy installation and great practical uses, we expect to see a lot of players with the Era Lacrosse Anaconda FOGO grip on their shafts this summer. IMG_1826_1024x1024

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