NEW Maverik Mission Blank Shaft

Coming soon, the industry's first all blank lacrosse shaft, the Maverik Mission Blank. Available in silver, gun metal and black, this shaft will sure be a new hit. Allowing players to have a shaft with no graphics is pretty sweet. It reminds me of an old school original shaft, but now with better features. The lightweight shaft has the traditional shape along with a pretty solid grip. This shaft reminds me of a similar Maverik Shaft, the Maverik Union, only the Blank doesn't have a design and is only one color. maverik17missiona-main<1> The Maverik Mission Blank lacrosse shaft is made out of scandium alloy, which allows the shaft to be very lightweight, but still have the strength to be able to absorb checks. Maverik is also tweaking the ABE+ technology a little bit, the new adjustable butt-end is redesigned with a silicone liner for added stability. maverik17missiona-mainbig1<1> Maverik has been doing a great job with their new releases, I expect the Blank to be a hit, especially since it is going to be a one of a kind shaft that no one else has made yet, a blank shaft. With the availability to be used as a defensive long stick, you could throw this bad boy on any lacrosse head and it will look great. We can't wait for this shaft to release, pre-order it while you can!

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