The Burn Warp Pro is Finally Here!

Introducing the Warrior Burn Warp Pro

Paul Rabil has teased about this drop of the Burn Warp Pro, but its finally being released! This Warp is made more for an offensive midfielder and attackman who cares about their shot speed and accuracy. The Burn Warp Pro comes in the standard Whip 1 and Whip 3 options that give you variety in different ways to play in the game. Whip 1 gives you more of a consistent feel and is made more for a player who wants a consistent pocket for passing and shooting. Whip 3 is more for a player who likes to dodge and have more hold to help you dangle. Here we'll look at the aspects that make this stick great.
The Warp line has been around for a little while, so it's becoming a familiar thing to see pro players using it every game. The Burn Warp Pro was specifically made for Rabil (who has been teasing this for about a year) and the Burn head series which gives the maximum amount of offset you can possibly have. Most people will be skeptical about the new Warps as it's completely different from the traditional mesh pocket. This could be the best offensive warps on the market after it releases. But what makes the Burn Warp Pro a great lacrosse stick? The Warp line adds a better alternative than stringing which can lead to loose strings and inconsistencies within your gameplay. The Warp is designed to make your play consistent without any worrying about how your pocket is going to hold up. The pocket is reinforced with kevlar to make sure your pocket doesn't come loose. The pocket is also made up of premium materials to make sure you get the best possible feel. You can check out what Paul Rabil thinks about the new head on his youtube channel! Overall, the Warrior Burn Warp Pro is a great offensive head that will be available on July 24th, so make sure to grab yours before it runs out on! You can also check out all the other top gear on our website as well!

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