2018 War at the Shore Recap

Colts Neck Middle School Was Electric

This weekend the annual War at the Shore Tournament took place in the lovely town of Colts Neck, New Jersey. The tournament was as competitive as it was fun with 58 teams from all over the state competing. War at the Shore is always an interesting tournament because of the amount of players and teams participating with the age ranging from College athletes to 50-60 year old men picking up their sticks again. These were the championship matchups for each second day division. In the championship for the A division, Team Turnip faced My favorite Plumber with Team Turnip taking the dub 8 to 3. In the B division Black Chickens faced Hatrick Stars with Black Chickens winning 6 to 4. The C division championship had Boot N' Rally winning against Team VT 6 to 0. In the D division final it was Chicken Cluckers beating Oh Yeah 8 to 5. While the Division champions get points for winning the tournament, points for the most creative team name is a necessity when evaluating War at the Shore. Each team certainly doesn't lack creativity when deciding what their name should be but there's always a winner and a loser. Here I am going to rank the best team names from each day 1 division:

Red: White:

Dancin' Lobstahs CarneA Suhh Dudes

Green Blue:

Dirty O's My Favorite Plumber

Purple: Tan:

Prime Time Crickey!

Brown: Grey:

Flavortown USA Beef Boi's

Yellow: Scarlet:

The Drew Fund Liberty Liabilities

Maroon: Silver:

Chicken Cluckers Grease Hogs

Orange: Teal:

Atlantic City High Rollers Boot N' Rally Every team showed out at this year's War at the Shore. As always, it's a great time for guys to get their friends together and play the sport they love. Universal Lacrosse Company and STX are proud to sponsor such an event that allows lifelong lacrosse players to continue to play lacrosse even if they are no longer playing at a high level.

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