STX unveils their Surgeon 700 Lacrosse Head

This past Monday, STX teased their newest creation! Its been asked about for a while and now it is finally here; a surgeon that meets Universal specs... Introducing, the Surgeon 700. FullSizeRender (5) I had the pleasure of talking to a few of the engineers and STX employees about the Surgeon 700 while I worked the 5th annual warehouse sale this past weekend. This new head is jampacked with benefits for those looking to raise their game to the next level! First, the head itself is made with EnduraForm materials which increases durability and performance despite the temperature. STX also incorporated their insert-able throat tech into the Surgeon 700 for a more secured fit reducing head rattle. Another neat feature (and probably most noticeable) is the stringing holes along the bottom sidewall strut in addition to the conventional hole placement. This unique feature allows you to string a suspended pocket, moving the ball forward towards the sweet spot of the pocket and generating more feel. When I first saw one strung up (by one of the lead STX engineers) and had the chance to throw around with it, I immediately fell in love. The suspension pocket of the Surgeon 700 has such a clean feel and opens up a world of possibilities for stick stringers to get creative with it. FullSizeRender (6) Another outstanding feature is the 7 stringing holes along the scoop of the Surgeon 700. Again, just another way to add customization for stick stringers. But the neatest part is the center hole, the channel lock. You can certainly string the top string like a conventional top string for sure. But the new channel lock technology allows you to bump the top string down a row of diamonds to pull it tighter to the scoop. This creates a natural channel in the mesh generating a smooth and accurate release. FullSizeRender (7) The Surgeon 700 from STX quickly caught my attention and it still has it! The new features of the head set it apart from any other currently on the market. Making this one of the most advanced sticks out there! The bottom sidewall strut stringing holes and the channel lock together offer maximum customization and functionality, while the EnduraForm Materials aid the Surgeon 700's structural integrity. The STX Surgeon 700 lacrosse head will be available 5/15/17 at your local Universal Lacrosse location as well as online at!

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