STX Makes a New Memory

MLX - Memory Mesh 6D- US 6D Memory Mesh from STX is moisture repellent and UV resistant, making it an exceptional choice for any level of play in any and all weather conditions. Memory Fibers of the mesh utilize a coaxial composite duel-fiber weave, a super durable material that is able to withstand repetitive impact and less susceptible to tearing along the sidewall; making this mesh 15x stronger than steel! While the control fibers offer ultimate feel of the ball in your stick while maintaining the integrity of your pocket better than any other mesh on the market. Last week STX Lacrosse announced they have plans to release the world's first 6-diamond performance mesh utilizing their memory mesh tech! 6-diamond mesh differentiates itself from the conventional 9-diamond mesh by making it easier to string higher pockets for increased hold; 6D Memory Mesh is ideal for dpoles and those who prefer minimal whip. One of the best, STX Lacrosse, continues to pave the way for the lacrosse goods industry! The anticipation and hype behind their new 6D Memory Mesh is real and will soon be available at one of your local Universal Lacrosse locations or shop online at Universal Lacrosse.

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