STX 6D Memory Mesh

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Orders Over $99 Easy Returns Team Sales
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STX 6D Memory Mesh brings back the traditional feel of 6 diamond lacrosse mesh but with the characteristics of a performance mesh. STX developed 6D Memory Mesh for that player that prefers that traditional feel in their stick but are looking for the quick break in, consistency and weather resistance found in modern performance mesh. 6 diamond mesh was the preferred mesh before the days of performance mesh because of its amazing hold but shockingly smooth release. Memory Mesh is notorious for it's Coaxial Composite Weave which uses two fibers distinct fibers to create a durable mesh that is 15 times the tensile strength of steel. STX honed in on those characteristics when developing 6D Memory Mesh. With updated performance traits, keep an eye out for STX 6D Memory Mesh being used all over the field and at every level of play this season. 

- Coaxial composite dual-fiber weave

- Moisture repellent

- UV Resistent

- Memory Fiber

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