StringKing Grizzly Mesh ULC Customer Review

At Universal Lacrosse customer feedback is always important to us. We love hearing your feed back on the awesome new products that we make available to you as soon as possible. Recently we reached out to a ULC loyal customer to see what he thought about StringKing's BRAND NEW Grizzly Mesh. Here is what he had to say: "Grizzly Mesh from StringKing Lacrosse is simply amazing. As I was using it tonight for the first time, I was thoroughly impressed by how light weight it made my stick feel. Grizzly-Social-3 I was able to get my stick where it needed to be faster than ever. Weighing in at 83g, it beats out all competing meshes out there such as wax or normal hard goalie mesh which can weigh well over 100g. It's a very soft and thin mesh, so I'm not sure how it will hold up. Though, it seems promising that it will be able to take a beating judging by how much the mesh is able to stretch when it takes a shot. Along with that, all StringKing mesh such as Type 2s or even Epoch Otter Mesh which is made by them is extremely durable and woven from strong, high quality fibers. Grizzly-Social-1 The mesh absorbed the rebounds like it was nothing. Comparing it to other top of the line meshes, this mesh requires less work to keep rebounds from happening. Stringing Grizzly Mesh was a pleasure. It formed a pocket well and broke in very quickly. I passed around with my brother after stringing it and it threw dimes. I felt more in control of my passes. StringKing wasn't joking about the perfect clears when they advertised it. I couldn't believe what they were saying at first until I tried it. Now that I have it's safe to say this is the best goalie mesh out on the market right now. grizzly_retailer_gallery-2-900_ Overall I rate this mesh 9.5/10. All mesh can't be perfect, but this mesh comes up really close. I can't wait to put it in all my sticks. -Nick
@Lacrosse_Customs" We couldn't agree more with our man Nick. StringKing Grizzly Mesh broke the mold when it comes to goalie mesh. If you haven't gotten your hands on a piece yet...What are you waiting for?!? Check it out here IT'S ALL U

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