Stringing To the Inside with @sidewalljedi

While perusing Instagram checking out the latest and greatest in the game of lacrosse, I came across a post by @sidewalljedi of a stick with the mesh strung to the inside of the head. It really caught my eye because not only was it different, it was practical. Here at Universal, we see a lot of new stringing techniques that may look cool, but do not always have the best functionality. In my personal opinion, there is not point of adding an extra top string for "securing the mesh to the top" because it wouldn't need that if the top string was done correctly. This just adds extra weight. While I understand some people like to stand out and add a little bit of flash with the way they string sticks, some stringing methods just don't work. Stringing your mesh to the inside of the head looks like it can have many helpful results. For starters, it will hug the ball in your pocket way tighter. The mesh will be holding the ball securely in your stick while you cradle, and it will add a little extra whip when shooting as it rides up the sides of the mesh and out of the stick. You need to be careful when stringing this way though as you have to make sure your head isn't pinched or has too tight of a face shape. This can possibly cause the ball to get stuck against the mesh and make it throw down, or add a lot of unwanted drag to your passes/shot. Another possible benefit is the fact that your channel will be tighter, and more raised, as the mesh is branching out from the inside of the plastic, not the outside. This will provide great consistency and hold in the stick. The new Surgeon 700 head allows for this to be done a little easier than other heads due to its sidewall holes that travel along the inside of the stick instead of continuing on the top sidewall. If any stringers out there want a challenge or just something new to put in their sticks, I recommend checking out @sidewalljedi on Instragram and lacing up a stick this way! Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 12.39.17 PM

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