Sniper Sports Target

Get ready to have your corner sniping game revolutionized. And if you don't have a corner game get ready to have one. Introducing probably one of the coolest training products I've seen for lacrosse ever, the Sniper Sports Target. This is a super durable and effective target that can be placed along any post or corner of a goal. sst-pic1-300x300 This target is specifically designed for withstanding the hardest lacrosse shots over and over again. Made of some serious materials and amazing design the Sniper Sports Target is secured well enough to any goal to not need adjustments during training but easily moved to a new area for a new target. The target uses a hing as well to defuse the shot's energy and place the rebound in front of the goal. 12525326_198043793880073_6030584817526491719_o The target its self uses a super visible green sticker allowing you to really focus on your aiming. For a super intense work out you can attach multiple targets to a goal for quick change ups and quick shot placement. 12240482_167311300286656_3392500955161994557_o

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