Bye Bye Greasers

Your time has come greasers. The days of losing balls to that greasy film after a few weeks of use are a thing of the past. East Coast Dyes once again stepping in and solving huge problem for the Sport. Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 9.24.08 AM At LaxCon they announced the Mint lacrosse ball, one of their newest products for 2016. The Mint ball has been designed specifically to stay fresh for the life of the product - I.e. How ever long you don't lose it missing the cage. Not having to worry about making adjustments with your play to compensate for lack of grip on a ball is a huge game changer for honing in your game. This product will really let you focus on hitting corners with every shot. Having the same feel and consistency with your stick and ball with every shot lets you really work on the dynamics of your shot. Another problem with the greaser is how hard the ball can get. Everyone knows how dense a greaser can get, they become hard as rock over time. This is actually pretty dangerous for the sport if you really think about it. That means that the balls we use now are always changing, theres no true consistency. Not to mention if you mix the inaccuracy of a greaser with its density theres a good chance someone can get hurt. The Mint ball is said to be made of new materials that will protect lacrosse players from these issues. The balls will be safer to use and last forever, which will also save you cash in the long run. All in all, were pumped to check these bad boys out!

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