Shootout For Soldiers

Shootout For Soldiers is a non-profit organization that works to educate the general public about the struggles war veterans go through when they return home. Their mission: "to use lacrosse as a platform to support American veterans and foster community engagement." The organizations travels around the country to major cities, Boston, Baltimore and Washington D.C. to name a few, to engage the civilian community with the military community to help promote sympathy and compassion. Their events consist of 24, 1-hour games that run nonstop throughout the two days. The event is open to any gender and age. The teams are broken up into either Stars or Stripes and each game will be between even competitors to ensure that not only money is being raised for veterans, but the games are also enjoyable and competitive. Find out more about their registration process here. *Picture via:* Since their inception in 2012, they've raised $3 million and have had over 13 thousand players participate last year alone. Their most recent stop was in Philadelphia on June 25th-June 26th where their goal was to raise $75,000. They're currently at $92,656 and the number is only growing. Shootout For Soldiers is traveling to Ohio next on July 13th-14th followed by Long Island on July 17th-18th. *Picture via:* What makes this organization special is their emphasis on communication. As part of their goal to engage the civilian community with the military community, they foster online discussions to bridge the generational divide between a younger generation and our veterans. They don't stop there, however. Shootout For Soldiers prioritizes educating the community of what exactly these veterans have been through. They make a point to share real and authentic stories in an effort to inform the public of how much these men and women have sacrificed for their country. If you love lacrosse and are interested in helping Shootout For Soldiers, check out their opportunities to volunteer here. *All information via:*

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