PLL Week 4 Recap

Premier Lacrosse League logo.png This weekend we saw some great lacrosse yet again with the PLL. With games taking place at Homewood Field in Johns Hopkins University in baltimore it was surely an exciting time for people in Maryland who have awaited the arrival of the PLL. The buzz around this weekend led to the games being sold out. The weekend kicked off when the Redwoods played Chrome. The big storyline going into this game came after Jules Heningburg was traded from the Whipsnakes to the Redwoods. This was the first trade in the league's history which made it that much more interesting. The trade proved to be very good for the Redwoods as Heningburg had five goals and three assists in their victory over chrome 13-11. Whipsnakes and Atlas also had a very exciting game that featured many players who previously started their careers playing in college in Maryland. This game took a full turn in the fourth quarter when they came from behind and scored nine goals in the fourth quarter to win the game 15-10. The Whipsnakes are the only team who is unbeaten in the PLL, despite trading away Heningburg. Chaos vs Archers was probably the best game we saw all weekend. This game came down to the very end. Ultimately the Archers couldn't come back at the end to beat Chaos which is proving to have one of the best attack units in the game led by Conner Fields. Chaos was going to lose the game in the fourth quarter after the Archers went on a four goal run. They ended up holding on to the lead as the archers couldn't score on final possession. So far we have seen the PLL as a massive success for the sport and we love the new rules. The quicker shot clock has made it so more goals are scored. The closer two point shot gives teams the ability to come back from being down much easier. Teams can't just sit on the ball and chew up clock. Teams are forced constantly to keep attacking the cage. In addition, whether you like it or not the frequent fighting is bringing in much needed viewership to a growing sport that is competing with much more well established professional sports leagues. We love this new angle and can't wait to see where this league takes the sport.

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