Protection by Warrior

Image result for warrior lacrosse Warrior Lacrosse asserted themselves as one of the most dominant lacrosse goods manufacturers with their new line of EVO protective equipment. The new line includes: shoulder pads, gloves, and three tiers of arm protection. Warrior Evo Hitlyte Shoulder Pad   The Warrior Evo Hitlyte shoulder pads offer the perfect balance between comfort, weight, and safety. The D30 Aero impact foam inserted into the chest and shoulder areas provide optimal protection without restricting the players movement. Another cool concept they added was having adjustable straps in the front and back so you can completely customize the fit of your pads. The Evo gloves include the newest technology within the palms of Warrior Evo Glove 2017the gloves to provide comfort and superior durability. The use of Warrior's bone system technology adds increased protection in key areas of the hand. These gloves also utilize Truvents and a Wartech liner to keep your hands dry and and cool as well. These gloves come in 3 different sizes and 5 different colors! Warrior Evo Elbow PadWarrior Evo Arm Pad   Warrior Evo Arm Guard  All 3 options are infused with Warrior's D30 Aero foam in key impact areas to absorb the force of nasty checks. They also incorporate the NEW no-slip gel print on the interior of the pad to keep the pads from sliding down and exposing skin to defenders. The only real difference is the amount of arm each pad covers. First is the Evo Elbow pad which is usually worn by defensive players who don't receive many checks. The next tier is the Evo Arm Pad which offers protection to a larger portion of the players arm. Finally, the Evo Arm Guard, which offers the maximum arm protection to players. All 3 of these come in 3 color options and are super lightweight. Warrior Lacrosse continues to be a top dog and their newest line of protective equipment looks and feels amazing. The entire line of EVO protective equipment is now available at your local Universal Lacrosse locations or shop online at Universal Lacrosse.

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