OG Blade is back !

THE OG BLADE IS BACK. We all know of its legend. Arguably the best face-off head that had ever been made, the now extremely rare and valuable OG Blade has been coveted for years. After the Blade was discontinued it’s popularity sky rocketed. Everyone wanted one but no stores had any. The ones that you could find were normally on sites like eBay being sold for upwards of $400, and that’s even for ones that were used and broken! Even though they became ridiculously expensive people would still buy them in a heartbeat, that’s just how great of a head the OG Blade was. The flexibility of the OG Blade is really what made it stand out from the rest. It could basically act like a vacuum and just pull the ball into the back of your stick giving you an easy win at the face-off if executed correctly. Some of the top tier face-off specialists, like Greg Gurenlian for example, use this head for that same reason! It’s safe to say that if the best face-off men in the game use a head like this, it’s for good reason. Even though it’s been gone for quite sometime it still remains one of the most popular face-off heads out there and the best part is, IT’S BACK! That’s right, for a limited time you will have the opportunity to get your hands on the original Blade! We aren’t exactly sure what the delivery date is going to be at this point but we will keep our product page updated. Some of our followers have been saying that it is a little expensive but compared to the prices that we have been seeing on E-bay its not that bad. Warrior Lacrosse is always keeping us on our toes and we have seen a ton of excitement about this on the gram. If you want one I would get on it.
BELOW - POSTED ON 12/3/2014 The OG blade is one of the most missed lacrosse heads in the game. We have never seen a head that has been dis-continued by a manufacturer be missed quite like this one... I am sure you have all seen the hype. When these heads first launched they were around $80 and these days we can see them go 'used' for upwards of $400 on e-bay and other places. Why is the OG blade so good? The angle of the sidewall makes for a perfect pinch around the ball at the face off X. When two faceoff guys are going at it and one can control the ball because of technique or equipment he is usually the one who WINS. The plastic seems to be the prefect combination of flex and stiffness to hold its shape and be pliable enough to grab the ball with the sidewalls. When you faceoff and use the “pinch and POP” method or the even the “clamp” the rigidity of the head comes into play. The closer your sidewall is to the ball the better off you are. The blade shape and materials seem to be the perfect combination. I think the reason that so many players want it is because YOU CAN’T GET IT… We all know there is something about being told we can’t have something that makes us want it more. It will be interesting to see after this new launch if it becomes the GO 2 tool at the face off X and lives up to the hype… Where can you get the OG BLADE? Everyone will be selling this hot product at the same price. Not fearing any shameless self promotion I have to tell you to buy it at Universallacrosse.com and Universal Lacrosse stores but I would imagine we are going to run out pretty quickly. When does the OG blade come out? I will update this article with the answer as soon as Warrior says that it is public knowledge… We try to play by the rules and not spread rumors. Warrior is an awesome company to work with and we try not to break the rules… What does the OG blade cost? I will update this article with more news about Price as well. The question is, what would you pay… For the record we think all heads should be $60-$90. In this case I am sure the supply and demand rules will price it at a pretty penny… What is the best shaft to use with the OG Blade? We have not received a prototype yet but right now, my money is on the F30. We will let you know what we think when we get one of these gems in-house.
@Gregbeast32 holding the first OG blade the public has seen in a while on instagram @Gregbeast32 holding the first OG blade the public has seen in a while on instagram

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