Best Offensive Lacrosse Heads: Part 1

There is a lot of work that goes into making a lacrosse head. Companies like Brine, Warrior, STX, and Maverik all put in extensive amounts of research and development to ensure that you can play with some of the best lacrosse equipment available today. Each head is different from the next and they are not all designed for every position. We have defensive heads, offensive heads, and even some specifically for face-offs. Now there is no rule saying you can only use a defensive head for defense because it really all comes down to the player’s preference. What you should keep in mind though is that these heads are made for a player’s particular position so the can get the most out of them on the field. Right now I’m going to put down our list of the most popular offensive heads available today. These are the heads that we here at Universal Lacrosse stand by for any offensive player whether you’re an attackman or a midfielder. Brine Clutch 3: The Clutch has been a go-to offensive head for years and with good reason. It has a great face shape, is nice and strong, and you can string it anyway you want. The Clutch 3 is the latest edition to the Clutch family and it does not disappoint. It has the original face shape which has the maximum pinch allowed on both the high school and universal spec versions. It also has Brine’s Core Tech making it lighter and stronger than before. My favorite part about this head is that you can literally sting any kind of pocket you want. With all it’s sidewall holes the Clutch 3 is a stringer’s dream.
Features Dual Shot Molding Features Dual Shot Molding
STX Stallion: The Stallion is one of my personal favorites. This head is made for a shooter. Designed for a high/mid pocket, this head will help give you more consistency on your shots. Featuring STX’s C Channel technology the Stallion is incredibly strong but also very light. It has a nice pinch that gradually extends out to the top of the head giving you more control when the ball is in your stick. Even though this head is designed for a higher pocket you can still string any kind you prefer because of it’s multitude of sidewall holes. This version of the STX Stallion is high school legal only but don’t worry STX has you college guys covered too.
Strong and Light Strong and Light
STX Stallion U 500: The Stallion U 500 is the college legal version of the Stallion. Featuring the same technology STX was able to make this version 5% lighter than the original. Now 5% may not seem like a lot, but if a lighter head can help me get some more speed on my shoot I’ll definitely give it a go.
College Legal College Legal
This is just Part 1 of our Best Offensive Lacrosse Head blog! STAY TUNED for Part 2 coming later this week! IT'S ALL U

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