Odor Gladiator

Stand Up And Fight....The STINK! Stand Up And Fight....The STINK!
Being apart of the Universal Mobil Road Warriors, going to a bunch of different youth lacrosse tournaments this past summer, and straight up killing the summer lax game in general, I noticed that one of the only problems parents have with lacrosse is the smell all the kids generate. It’s completely natural. Kid ball out in their pads, get them sweaty, get them smelly, then throw the pads in a bag to just sit in the stink. It’s gross. Really gross. Luckily the AWESOME people at Odor Gladiator have found the key to winning the battle against the stench. xtreme_lacrosse_ogs__3 The Odor Gladiator is basically an air freshener that you leave in your bag to get rid of the all the nasty smells. Inside every gladiator ball is a small cartridge that with a great smelling gel inside that absorbs any smell. This way you’re not just covering the smell but completely getting rid of it! og_grey_3_1_3 copy Coming in many different color options you can represent any team you want, whether its your school or travel team, Odor Gladiator has you covered and smelling stank free! Pick one up at any Universal Lacrosse retail store or order your own by clicking RIGHT HERE! IT’S ALL U

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