Nike Alpha Lacrosse (The Unsung Hero)

A hidden gem in the lacrosse world is Nike’s Alpha lacrosse collection. This line features top of the line shafts and one of the best defensive heads on the market: Alpha U head, Alpha Shaft, and Alpha Elite Shaft. Nike Alpha users have been part of an exclusive club reaping the many benefits of this product line. These beasts have gained respect from players nationwide due to their strength and durability. I have a feeling that the Nike Alpha products will blow up soon and grab the attention of almost every player out there. Check them out before they are all gone: Nike Alpha U Head: alpha frontalpha sidealpha angle Designed with the defensive player in mind so this head has an awesome WIDE scoop making ground balls simple and easy. Maximum stringing holes so you can string it up any way you like. With a reinforced side wall this head is nice a durable. Nike Alpha Shaft: The Nike Alpha Lacrosse Shaft has one for the best strength to weight ratio in the game. Designed to be great for any offensive player but is perfect for the defensive end of the field as well. With a Mild Sandblast finish you will be able to stay in control of every shot, pass, and catch! Nike Alpha Elite Shaft: The Nike Alpha Elite Men's Lacrosse Shaft is one of the STRONGEST we have ever seen. Made with thicker sides for extra strength, this shaft is designed to run with the big boys. Perfect for any high level player that’s looking for a shaft that can withstand any level of abuse! Stay tuned for more! IT'S ALL U

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