New Women's Lacrosse Headgear Hits the Market - Cascade LX

lx_4 There was a crazy announcement in the women's lacrosse world as Cascade unveils their newest LX Women's Headgear. With the implantation of headgear in women's lacrosse on the rise it is only right that the leader in men's helmets leads the charge on headgear. From our early first impressions it looks like the LX Headgear will bring a huge increase in safety from ball-to-head and stick-to-head impact forces. lx_2 Before we learn more about the Cascade LX it's self in the upcoming days its a good idea to look at the reason for introducing headgear in the first place and the issues that surround it. Here are some frequently asked questions about headgear in general with regards to protection and regulations as well as what the Cascade LX will offer women's players.

What is ASTM and what is an ASTM Standard?

ASTM is an international standards organization that develops and publishes technical standards. The standards provide a set of guidelines and test procedures to which manufacturers can develop products. ASTM standards increase the level of product performance and allow end consumers to have confidence in the products they use.

What are the 2 new Women’s Lacrosse ASTM Standards and what do they include?

The 2 new standards available for women’s lacrosse are F3137 for women’s lacrosse headgear and F3077 for women’s lacrosse goggles. F3137 for headgear has 3 main test requirements; a drop impact test that simulates a 45 mph stick swing, a 60 mph ball impact test and a deformation test to ensure a level of softness that complies with the rules of women’s lacrosse. F3077 is a specific eyewear standard for women’s lacrosse and adds additional testing conditions from the general eyewear standard previously used.

Do the current goggles on the market meet the new ASTM Standard?

Not all of the goggles currently on the market meet the new ASTM Standard, the goggles that meet the F3077 Standard are listed under the Approved Eyewear List on the US Lacrosse website (

What is happening with the headgear mandate in Florida High Schools?

Florida State High School Athletics Association voted within their lacrosse & safety committees to mandate headgear for women’s lacrosse for high schools at the state level in 2015. They are continuing to allow the existing products on the market that do not meet the requirements of the new ASTM standard for season 2017 and will adopt the new standard for season 2018.

Cascade LX Women’s Lacrosse Headgear Which ASTM Standards does the Cascade LX meet?

The LX meets both of the new standards: F3137 for headgear and F3077 for eyewear.

What are the key features and benefits of the Cascade LX?

  • INTEGRATED GOGGLE: The integrated goggle system increases face comfort and improves user experience with an easy ability to gear up compared to separate goggles and headgear.
  • FIT SYSTEM: Interchangeable cheek pads and the rear adjustable strap provide a dialed in fit for different head shapes and sizes. Designed for play with either mid-high or low pony tails.
  • PROTECTION: Poron XRD offers maximum comfort with the ability to dissipate forces experienced upon impact.
  • FLEXIBLE SHELL: The LX outer shell is tough on impact, but still maintains the flexibility required by the ASTM

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