New Price Drops With Warrior / Brine Heads


Why and how would something like this happen? Is it possible that a wave of philanthropy just overtook our friends in Michigan (Warrior HQ)? Or maybe New Balance said “hey guys, your plastic is too expensive, give some $ back to the people!” Maybe we will never know but the fact remains that the all Warrior / Brine unstrung heads will now be priced under $70! This includes...

Warrior Evo 5

Warrior Regulator MAX

Warrior Noz 2

Warrior Nemesis 2

Brine King II & King II ST

Brine Dictator & Dictator ST

Eraser 2

Are all now going to cost $70 bucks...

We all had mixed reviews when the first Warrior head broke out of the typical 2 digits price tag. Players who had been using Warrior and Brine products for years searched for some alternatives but many of them stuck around. Warrior & Brine have been some of the games premier head designers and manufacturers since the beginning. Even so - as they started charging more for their seasoned engineering, the higher price tag didnt scare away players from grabbing their high end heads off the shelves.

As of Nov 3rd you will see all of the Warrior & Brine lacrosse heads selling at $70. This should give those players that never looked above the $80 price point a chance to get a high end head in their hands. We are not exactly sure what the motivations to bring these prices down are but we are happy to see these great products are more economically accessible for the growth of the game!

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