Which Elite Maverik Head Can Help Your Game?

maverikbanner_1500482522 Ever wonder if your missing out on some performance with your current lacrosse head? Well it very well might be the case in all honesty, choosing the right head for your game can be a big difference maker on the field. In the world of limitless options, one high performance lacrosse manufacture is sure to have an elite head to match your game. Maverik Lacrosse has painstakingly engineered 5 top of the line heads, specifically engineered for separate niches of the sport. With that being said, lets see if we can find you a new gamer in Maverik's line up!

Maverik Kinetik - Aggressive Shooter

Delivering more power to the elite attack man - The Kinetik is designed with every piece of offensive technology Maverik has to offer, and its a lot. Featuring an aggressive face shape and finely tuned offset, the Kinetik delivers increased shot velocity and accuracy for outside shooting. Maverik also unveiled new Tension Lock technology across the top of the head pulling the upper diamonds tighter and creating a tighter and more accurate channel. This new tech paired with an Optimal Release Point allows shooters to load more shot energy in their shots for added velocity. For added durability, the Kinetik is engineered with X-Rail technology to distribute stress throughout the head and is made with Maverik's new DuraTough material for added strength. Shop-Now

Maverik Tactik - Offensive Midfield

The Tactik has been a proven favorite of elite offensive middies looking to maintain shot power and accuracy without giving up the two way play capabilities. Finding a seemingly perfect balance of weight to strength, the Tactik can deliver impressive offensive performance while remaining incredibly durable. Maverik utilized a Level 3 Bottom Rail with the Tactik's design for crafting a perfect mid pocket to further balance this elite two way head's performance profile. The Tactik utilizes an optimal release point to bring added control and deliver extreme energy transfer while passing and shooting for added velocity. Using new X-Rail technology the Tactik distributes stress through out the head to increase durability. Also included is Maverik's new Duratough material to enhance overall stiffness and provide consistant play in any weather. Shop-Now

Maverik Optik - Elite Offense

The Premiere offensive head for tactical precision, the Maverik Opik is without a doubt one of the most popular offensive heads on the market. The Optik delivers incredible accuracy, hold and power using an light weight 2 strut design for reduced weight and engineered stiffness. With a level 2 Bottom Rail design, the Opik is ideal for a perfect mid-low pocket creating quicker releases and added power. 17 stringing holes on each sidewall will allow any stringer to craft an elite pocket to their liking and performance preference. It is not very often that you see a head that creates such effortless accuracy but the Optik delivers just that. Shop-Now

Maverik Centrik - Unmatched Versatility

The Maverik Centrik delivers one of the most versatile performance profiles in lacrosse making it a heavy favorite by top level midfielders. The Centrik is designed to help maximize shot velocity and ball control while on offense with dominating strength for defensive play. Featuring a mid/high Level 4 Bottom Rail the Centrik offers unshakable hold and ball control for ball carrying during transitions. The Centrik also has a narrow throat structure for even more added ball protection making running through checks seem effortless. Maverik finely tuned the 3 strut design on the Centrik by hollowing out the inner walls of the struts creating featherlike weight while remaining stiff. Featuring this highly versatile profile, its no wonder why the Maverik Centrik has been one of the most popular and trusted midfield heads for over 4 years. Shop-Now

Maverik Tank - Dominant Defense

Last but certainly not be called least, the Maverik Tank has been a favorite of elite defenseman for its overall incredible defensive performance. Seemingly flawless for the defensive player, the Maverik Tank addresses every issue a defensive player could come across with a standard head. Featuring unmatched durability and True Form Technology the Tank will retain its face shape for far longer than others with the long-term abuse of defensive play. With a 4-strut sidewall design for maximum rail support the Tank can give and take as much abuse as you can throw at it. Maverik also widened the face shape of the Tank for batting down passes and scooping up ground balls like a vacuum cleaner. A Level 5 Bottom Rail makes this head ideal for the high pocket that defenseman love for its added ball control during clears from those take away checks. Shop-Now
Overall, as you can see the Maverik line up has a head for just about anyone in todays game. From the highly tuned to the highly versatile, there is a head to match your game no matter what your role on the field is. And the best part is, all Maverik heads are manufactured right here in the USA and come with a 6 month warranty. Make sure to shop for your next gamer at universallacrosse.com or at one of our amazing retail stores near you!

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