New NFHS Rule Changes For 2015

A series of new rule changes marks the near end of the U and V shooting string. And speeds up the Game for HS players. The National Federation Of High School Sports, which met on July 21 - 23 in Indianapolis, is the governing body for making rules and regulations changes for state High School sports. The NFHS, which has lagged behind the NCAA rule changes, Has suggested the following rule changes to improve the game for HS players in 2015:
  • When the offense has a violation that changes the possession in the box, the defense does not need to start to clear from outside the box. Teams may now clear from within the crease.
  • All hanging strings or leathers need to be cut to a length of 2 inches.
  • All shooting strings and nylons should not be lower than 4 inches from the very top of the heads scoop.
  • Only one sidewall String will be allowed per sidewall.
In addition, these following rules were approved by the NFHS:
  • Rule 1-6-2: Added the following procedure to check to make sure the ball can easily roll out of the head of the crosse – “ . . . With the ball in the crosse, horizontal to the ground at the deepest point of the pocket, tip the crosse forward 90 degrees to ensure that the ball rolls out of the top end of the head.”
  • Rule 2-10-1: Balls on the bench side are needed only at the table and not along the sideline.
  • Rule 3-1-2: More clearly defined when the running clock begins in those games where the score differential reaches 12 goals or more.
  • Rule 5-5: A player using a crosse found to be illegal for not meeting any required specification other than a deep pocket will receive a three-minute non-releasable penalty (except hanging string length and end caps as in Rule 1-7-3). Also, any crosse ruled illegal and resulting in a three-minute penalty will remain in the table area for the remainder of the game.
  • Rule 6-4: Added “with his feet no wider than shoulder-width apart” to the section on illegal offensive screening.
  • Rule 6-5-2e: The 30-second penalty has been erased in situations when a goal is scored by the opponent.
  • Rule 6-5-2w: “Take a dive or feigning a slash to the head or body in order to deceive the official and draw a penalty” was added to the examples of illegal procedure.
All of the rule changes by the NFHS have been made with the goal of keeping players safe, speeding up the game, and increasing efficiency and accuracy for officials.

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