Lacrosse Greats Partake In ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Famous players continue to change the image of Lacrosse by participating in ALS awareness campaign online. By now, you have probably heard of the famous Ice bucket challenge that has gone viral across our great country. However, in-case you have been living under a rock, the ice-bucket challenge includes dumping a bucket of icy water on ones head, then proceeding to call out 3-10 people to do the same or donate $100 towards AlS research. This challenge has included thousands and maybe yet millions of participants from different communities, ages, and influence. Carol Hamilton, development director of the ALS Therapy Development Institute has said “We are seeing 10 times the number of online donations every day. We are seeing an incredible number of people who didn’t know much about ALS last week and who do today.” Hundreds of lacrosse players have taken that challenge, including several famous players. See below Rob Pannell call out Pro Defender and USA player Kyle Hartzell. Kyle then accepts the the challenge and calls out Notre-Dame Goalie Scotty Rodgers. Rodgers sends the challenge around to Kyle Harrison. Harrison proceeds to call out Joe Walters, and Peter Baum. Paul Rabil can be seen taking the plunge as well. As these lax icons call each other out and perform the challenge, they are doing something else besides just raise awareness. They have had some impact to change the way lacrosse players are viewed. By using their influence to make a difference, they are changing the public perception that lacrosse players are over-confident jocks and showing that it is an empowered community that can have an impact. Here are some vids of the pros taking the challenge: (use chrome Browser if audio does not load)

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