NEW Maverik Max Line

Maverik Lacrosse once again coming in hot. Over the last couple months, Maverik has released nothing but fire, it seems that everything they come out with is a top seller and fan favorite. The new Maverik Max protection line definitely has to the potential to do that as well. The new line contains the Max Elbow Pad, Arm Pad, Arm Guard, and speedpad shoulder pads. Although there are little differences between the four, they all have the same common goal, to offer the most comfortability and protection while still looking fresh. All three elbow and arm pads are made with a 37.5™ sleeve to keep arms cool and allow for faster evaporation of sweat. mav The Max Elbow Pad was engineered for the elite defensemen. The Anaform bicep pad provides slash protection yet offers maximum flexibility and range of motion. The Elbow Pad only has one strap on the bicep but with grip zones on the inside of the pad, they stay in place throughout your whole game. max-elbow-pad-300x297 With similar features, the Max Arm Pad is made for your two-way midfielder. The Arm Pad has an extra Anaform pad on the forearm to offer more a little more protection then the Elbow Pad. Another key feature is the soft sleeve padding, which provides additional coverage to the critical zones on the arms interior. The Arm Pad does have the grip zones on the inside of the pad as well, but also has a lower forearm strap for added grip. max-elbow-pad-300x297 The Max Arm Guard is built for your attackmen. It offers everything the Arm Pad has, but is just a little longer so it covers more of the arm to protect you from those pesky defenders. max-arm-guard-300x297 Made for any of the three positions is the Max Speedpad. With adjustable ComfortFit arch, the player can personalize the fit, coverage, and drape for optimal comfort. These shoulder pads are also made with Anaform to provide slash protection but still maintain maximum flexibility. The same 37.5™ sleeve keeps your chest and shoulders cool as well and also provides fast evaporation of sweat. Lastly, the DuraStretch panels along the torso keeps the lower half of you body protected with every move you make. max-speedpad-300x297 The Maverik Max line is legit and is anything you could ask for in padding, protection, comfort and breathability. The arm and elbow pads are available in white, black, navy, royal, red and grey while the shoulder pads are a solid white and grey with green lining. No matter what position or color you want, Maverik has you covered, literally.

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