NEW Maverik Kinetik Head

Coming out soon is the new Maverik Kinetik, delivering more power to the hands of elite offensive players then ever before for the 2017 season. Last year, for Fourth of July, Maverik had released the Tactik head which has turned out to be a top seller. Maverik is hoping to duplicate that this year with the Kinetik. This head has everything it needs to go alongside the Tactik and become one of the most popular heads out there. kinetik Maverik designed the Kinetik head to help increase shot velocity and accuracy with Optimal Release Point to allow shooters to load shot energy through added hold paired with extreme energy transfer to the ball for increased shot velocity. There is also a face shape change, designed with Tension Lock technology to give a precisely tuned shooting channel and added accuracy. To give some added stiffness in extreme weather, the Kinetik uses Maverik's DuraTough material to deliver a superior consistent shape to the head. With X-Rail Technology, the head evenly distributes impact stress through the opposite rail to give it a light weight, but durable feel. String this beauty with ease using a level 4 Bottom Rail design to plenty of stringing holes to give you the mid-high pocket for hold and power. Like I had mentioned above, the Kinetik has everything it needs to be the best head available for offensive threats. Be sure to stay tuned and keep updated with Universal Lacrosse for the release!

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