New Custom Women's Stringing Now Available

See Why Universal Lacrosse Is The Best at Women's Stringing

If you haven't seen the new East Coast Dyes Women's video, you might not have seen how easy it is to order a new head with a professional pocket. Lauren Lea, who plays for the Philadelphia Fire, shows how simple and easy it is to order from Universal Lacrosse with a bunch of different options to choose from. For only a little bit more, you can pick everything out on your new head whether its the type of mesh to what the center/outer rails look like.

See All The Different Styles of Pockets in Our Video Below

Most people don't know how to how to string a stick, so why not get it done by someone professionally? It's very simple on the Universal Lacrosse website as it goes step by step on what type of mesh, center rail, outer rail, and other stringing options that are totally customizable. If you want an STX Crux 600 head with the new Venom Women's mesh with an assortment of colors added to the sidewall and shooters, it will take under a minute to fill out on the website. We aim to make it simple and easy so that it's not a hassle to get your head strung at a reasonable cost. Head on over the to see why professionals choose to get their game sticks strung by us. Our stringers have years of experience where and will give you the best possible pocket regardless of what type of pocket you need. You can check out all the newest equipment available on our website such as the Epoch Purpose, STX Crux 600, Under Armour Glory, and many more.

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