World Games Custom Gear Report

Best Gear in the 2018 World Games

The 2018 World Games are underway and this year there is a ton of gear to look at. We'll be specifically looking at the STX Rival and all of the teams that are rocking them for these games and some of the other gear that they're wearing as well! The Rival is a newer helmet on the market, so to see it on the world stage is a great way to see all the custom options you can choose from.
Team Italy has some unbelievable helmets for the world games as they are subtle, but with some flashy decals. They have "Italia" on the back of the helmet with sick tomahawk decals on the top. The blue shell color with the white facemask really makes the helmet pop without all the flashy decals or chrome coloring which makes it a top helmet in the world games.
Another helmet that we think is cool is the Team England Rival helmet as it has the maroon shell color while having the white facemask to have that pop effect. It also showcases the team crest and on the back has the England flag to top off the helmet. The top of the helmet has a tomahawk-like decal similar to team Italy which adds some flair to the helmet as well. Solid helmet from team England as they face tough opponents in the next few games.
The best Rival at the world games though has to go to the Uganda National team as the matte black finish with the red face mask make this an awesome helmet overall. It offers a set of decals that are unmatched when it comes to other team helmets. The wings with the national colors of Uganda are a nice addition to the helmet to give it complete Ugandian experience. There are a ton of cool helmets in the 2018 World Games and you can find all the custom options that you see on TV on our website with our new STX Rival helmet customizer! You can replicate pretty much everything you see in the games as well as make your own custom helmet only at Also, tell us which nation has the best helmets in the world games!

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