Need Help With Mesh?

What Mesh Is Right For You? In today’s game there are a bunch of different kinds of mesh that we, the players, get to decide to use. Long gone are the days of old when we only had one option and that was it. There are a few products that stand out among the rest and hopefully this little guide will help you make a decision. East Coast Dyes Mesh I’m sure by now that you have heard about East Coast Dye's (ECD) Wax Mesh. They take a piece of regular dura mesh and coat it with their own unique wax formula. By doing this, it adds more grip to the ball as well as making the mesh completely water proof. This mesh has a very short break in time (a few days max) and also comes in a large amount of color options. ecm-singel-color_4_1_1_1_1_4 ecm-limited-edition-striker-mesh_3 Jimalax Money Mesh The materials and construction process used in making Money mesh allows it to have a “rougher” texture causing more friction between the mesh and the ball equaling more hold. Money mesh is also water resistant so it will hold up well in poor conditions like rain and snow. The color schemes available are also crazy! solidamoneyb_4 moneyb1_5 StringKing There are two types currently available from StringKing: Type 1s is a softer mesh and Type 1x is more of a harder mesh. Both pieces break in very fast and are always consistent with keeping the pocket shape. They offer better control/feel and are great for any type of pocket-high, mid or low. Both types of StringKing mesh are promised not to bag out in wet weather so you don’t have to worry. 1-type-1x-mesh_3 1-type-1s-mesh_4 There are obviously other kinds of mesh available, but these three brands are what we here at the U find to be some of our favorites. To us, a fast break-in with consistent throwing is key as well as not giving out when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Ultimately it’s up to you to make your decision but with this little guide we hope that decision became a little easier.

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