Backyard Goal or Rebounder?

Should I purchase a backyard goal or rebounder? This may seem like an easy question to answer, but I get asked this constantly by customers. I usually ask them if their player wants to work on accuracy of shots or passing/catching? With backyard goals, there are a few things to keep in mind: do you have enough room in the yard for the stray balls that miss the goal? Are your neighbors going to get mad if they find lacrosse balls in their backyard? Are you going to lose lacrosse balls in the woods forever? The best part of a backyard goal is not only working on your trick shots, but working on your accuracy. You can work on your dominate and non-dominate sides shooting so when it's game time, you aren't hesitant to get that stick in your non-dominate hand and still pick off corners. goalblocker_3 If you are a newer player and want to work on your stick skills, then a rebounder would be great for you. A rebounder helps with both those longer passes and quick stick passes. If you want to become more confident in your catching or non-dominate side in general, a rebounder would help significantly. Not everyone has access to a brick wall (with no windows of course) or someone else to pass with and a rebounder acts as those. If you are concerned with bad weather taking a toll on the rebounder, it is easy to fold it up and tuck it away into a shed or side of a garage. If you want a harder challenge, look into purchasing an STX Pass Master (see image below) which has small shapes to hit for better accuracy with your passes. stx-lacrosse-pass-master_3 With the help of training tools such as the backyard goal and rebounder, every player has the chance to work on their individual skills and improve at their own speed. There is nothing better than working hard in the off season and coming back the next year feeling more confident in your abilities and ready to hit the field and prove yourself to the coach!

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