Maverik Adds The Havok To Their Head Lineup

Maverik Havok Scoop Angle The Maverik Havok is the newest head to be introduced by the lacrosse company. This time around the Havok is a head specifically designed for long stick midfielders and defensemen. The head includes a plethora of new and existing technology to create another classic head from Maverik. Maverik Havok Side The Havok has the best in class strength to weight ratio meaning that while the head is incredibly light. Its construction and materials used to make it deliver strength better than anything else out right now. With checks and ground ball battles being a huge part of the LSM and defensemen's game, having a strong head that won't break on you in the middle of a game is extremely vital. Maverik achieves this two ways, DURATOUGH and X-RAIL technologies. DURATOUGH is the material that comprises the head, this allows for the Havok to be stiff, durable and consistent enough for harsh weather conditions. X-RAIL technology disperses the stress put upon the opposite rails evenly so bending the head won't cause it to snap. The Havok also includes Ground Control. This is a special scoop angle allows for ground balls to be scooped up with ease. A level 4 bottom rail is also implemented. This is perfect for a mid-high pocket string-up. Keeping hold and control of the ball after picking it up is achieved without even trying. The Havok is to be released on the Fourth of July just in time for the end of summer lacrosse tournaments and fall ball. You can get yours at

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