STX Unveils New Hammer 500 EnduraForm Head

STX has recently released information regarding their new and improved Hammer 500 EnduraForm technology with its new proprietary material blend for enhanced performance. This is the second head they have recreated with new EnduraForm material that helps these heads stand the extreme temperatures. The Hammer 500 EnduraForm will be one of the best defensive heads on the market, with newer technology this head will be more durable than its predecessor which was already a dominating top seller. EnduraForm is a relatively new technology that only STX offers that helps increase the longevity of their products. They were on a search for a better material to build heads with, and that's when they discovered EnduraForm. The results from the testing of materials said that it is 25% stiffer in warmer temperatures while 15% more durable while at colder temperatures. This innovation helps players be able to use heads at peak performance at any time of the year. The new Hammer 500 EnduraForm is available now for preorder from select retailers. Be sure to pick up yours while you can at Universal Lacrosse online or in store!

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