Maverick is Teasing the Tactik

Over the weekend in Philadelphia for the NCAA Championship, a lot of the Universal Team had the chance to get their hands on the new Tactik head by Maverik. We initially anticipated the Tactik to be one of the better heads that will be on the market, and after playing around with it, we were right. At the NCAA final four this weekend, we had the opportunity to mess around with a Tactik strung with mesh and one strung traditionally. 5654a565-2237-4bf6-b9ea-9ff24eefb840 Both performed like a dream, throwing on the mark, proving this head's versatility. The Level 3 rail allowed for the perfect mid pocket to be strung up and provided an awesome, smooth release. The new X Rail Technology stiffens the head so it didn't get all bendy and weak in the hot sun this weekend. The head we got was dyed beautifully and was a breeze to string up. The relatively narrow throat and it's uniform pinch up the head allows for the Tactik to form a perfect pocket in the middle of the head. Then we threw 2 straight shooters for a nice smooth release and a nylon on top for some extra snap. This head thrown on a Mission Shaft was a hit for the Universal staff when they had some free time to have a catch.

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