Final Four Overview

This past NCAA Final Four weekend was filled with excitement not only in the stadium, but out in the parking lot, as well, where Fan Fest took place. This was the place to be before and after the games. Universal Lacrosse was set up in Lot K along with other manufactures including Maverik, Brine, STX, and Warrior selling off their new products like the Brine RP3 II Lacrosse Head. rp3-ii-head-thumb-v-final

The Maverik Tactik, which has not been released yet, was on display where some lucky fans got a preview of. With the Level 3 rail that allows for the perfect mid pocket, the new X Rail technology that stiffens the head, and with its narrow throat, it allows a perfect pocket to form in the middle of the head.


Some other tents that were set up included EPOCH Lacrosse who were showing off their new EPOCH Integra lacrosse shaft which is the latest and greatest defensive shaft made from carbon fibers. The Integra is the perfect fit for any defender that is well in their price range of $159.99, which is a steal for carbon fiber shaft.


Stringer's Depot made an appearance telling fans about their new website and all of their deals that they have going on. They sell mesh all the way to dye for players. The catch is for customers is that if they buy more, they save more.


Lastly, East Coast Dyes was set up showing off a few of their products including their ECD Carbon Pro composite lacrosse shaft that is available in both attack or defense lengths. It includes a East Coast Dyes Kick Point Technology that creates a quicker release for fast feeds and quick shots. Along with that they had their new ECD Mint Lacrosse Ball that is basically the "last forever" ball. With UV light resistance and non-rubber polymer to retain grip and feel of the ball, the Mint Lacrosse Ball will never become worn with use. Bye-bye greaser balls.


Along with that, fun was happening everywhere you would turn your head. People were tailgating everywhere and were having a blast. Buffalo Wild Wings brought the ultimate sports hangout with a full service bar and lounge area for people to take photos with the NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship Trophy. In addition, fiddle stick games were played in the middle of all the tents so no one got to miss the action. The Maverik workers were playing alongside kids while initiating some water gun fights for everyone to try and beat the heat.

Some famous notable players were out in the parking lot signing autographs like Paul Rabil, Rob Pannell, and Scott Rodgers for fans to get the ultimate experience to meet their idols. Casey Powell was also doing a Nissan Commercial Shoot for fans to see.

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In the end, University of North Carolina took home two NCAA trophies after upsetting Number 1 ranked University of Maryland in both the men's and women's tournaments.

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