Limited Edition Rabil Gold Evo Lacrosse Glove

Yesterday I wrote about a sweet new piece of lacrosse gear that I was able to get my hands on, today another item has landed on my desk. The Limited Edition Rabil Gold Evo lacrosse glove. The first second that I got my eyes on these gloves I knew I loved them. Warrior really out did themselves with the standard Evo glove and completely blew it out of the water with the Rabil Gold edition! Coming in all white with gold highlights this glove is a pure BEAUTY. The Evo lacrosse glove features Warrior’s new D30 Aero foam and Cage FLX backhand for a low-profile design and superior impact protection. Not only do these gloves look sick but they are also one of the most advanced gloves on the market! I mentioned yesterday that Warrior is making us feel like royalty with their limited edition products, and these gloves are no different. Luckily the price of the Limited Edition Rabil Gold Evo gloves doesn’t differ from the original so, in this case, the price of royalty is fairly reasonable. It’s still up on the higher end of the scale, but you’re getting exactly what you pay for, a PREMIUM high-end lacrosse glove. Here are some pics a snapped while I was taking a look.
Rabil Gold Evo Gold On Your Hands
Rabil Gold Evo Protection Fit For Royalty
Rabil Gold Evo Nothing Better Than Gold
These gloves will be available in our stores and at for $220 on November 15th. I imagine something like this is going to fly off the shelves everywhere so I would definitely grab these when you still can!

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