Lacrosse's Newest Professional League

Led by numerous sports and media investors, such as the Raine Group, a new professional lacrosse league named the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) is set to start play as early as next summer! But will it be worth it??? We think ABSOLUTELY!!!! With Paul Rabil at the forefront, the Premier Lacrosse League has already secured participation from numerous well-known players within the lacrosse community, including some from the US and Canadian national teams. A big factor in acquiring such talent, is the fact that the players will be recognized as full-time employees by the league; eligible to receive health benefits and entitled to an undisclosed equity stake in the league! The six-team league will implement a tour based model, much like the LXM Pro Tour did about 10 years ago. The PLL will run from June to September and will be comprised of a regular season, post season play and an all-star game somewhere in between. Unlike traditional sports teams where each team is based in a particular city, all Premier Lacrosse League teams will travel to a predetermined city and all will have games during the weekend. The idea is still fresh, details have not yet been released. But as soon as they are, be sure to check back for our next post on the PLL!

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