Crux Mesh Pro

The first to offer 5 distinctly different pocket options for the women's game, STX has just released their newest Crux Mesh Pro! The original Crux Mesh from STX was revolutionary for women's lacrosse. It comes in a 7-diamond structure, derived from their DryMesh Lite, for a feel most comparable to conventional center runner styles. The Crux Mesh was designed to offer improved hold, and precision that has never been seen before; while being lightweight and weather resistant. STX has once again revolutionized women's strining with the launch of the Crux Mesh Pro full-mesh piece. That's correct, you heard right, a one-piece wonder, a full mesh piece specifically for women's lacrosse, designed to meet all US Lacrosse specifications. The new mesh piece is coated in their WeatherWeave technology for an improved waterproof coating while offering even more hold and accuracy than its predecessor. The Crux Mesh Pro is comprised of a varied-diamond pattern to create a natural sweet spot; meaning the size of the diamonds are larger towards the top of the top of the head and gradually get smaller towards the throat of the head. A full mesh piece has been highly sought after in the women's lacrosse community and STX has arrived to answer the prayers! Crux Mesh Pro is now available in black, white, yellow and USA on or in one of our 12 retail locations!

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