Lacrosse in the NFL

z0akx7qx_400x400Over the past week, video of Seattle Seahawk's running back Alex Collins playing high school lacrosse has surfaced. Collins was apparently a first year senior at South Plantation High School in Florida. Being a D1 football prospect, you can expect that the kid was just naturally athletic to go with an incredible work ethic. Watching his highlight tape on YouTube (click here) I'm glad I never played against a D1 football prospect. In high school I have played against guys who are now in the MLL and I'd prefer that over playing against a football player any day! The kid who was D1 bound for lax knew how to play and was shifty. Seeing this tape I have come to the conclusion that if a coach has a D1 football prospect on his lacrosse team, he will teach him how to cradle that's it... Then come game day he says, 'go get me the ball and score'.. Because Alex Collins made running past kids look effortless, who cares if he power-cradled to high heavens. This got me thinking.. What other NFL players have played lacrosse before? fpdv4pikIronically, one of Collins' Seattle teammates dabbled in lacrosse as an undergrad at Middlebury College. He played for 2 seasons before focusing solely on football. Patriots Cardinals Football New Jersey native, now New England Patriot WR Chris Hogan actually played 4 years of Division 1 lacrosse at Penn State. Prior to that he was even named NJ midfielder of the year for lacrosse in 2006! Image result for jim brownThe most notable NFL'er to dabble in lacrosse however is the great Jim Brown. I'm sorry... NFL HALL OF FAMER JIM BROWN. For those of you too young to know this great human read a book or watch some YouTube (CLICK HERE NOW). Now. 8-time All-Pro, he lead the league in rushing for 8/9 of his seasons. Monster on the football field.. But legend has it he was EVEN BETTER at lacrosse for Syracuse under coach legendary Roy Simmons. Apparently Jim Brown was even quoted once saying, "I'd rather play lacrosse six days a week and football on the seventh." Apparently he would have preferred playing professional lacrosse over professional football but unfortunately the MLL wasn't a thing during his time. Oh man what could have been if Jim Brown played professional lacrosse.

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