Hero Mesh vs Type 3

If your in the market for a new piece of mesh, you've probably already come to the Hero Mesh vs Type 3 crossroads. Don't get me wrong, joining up with team ECD or team StringKing is a big decision but well try to point you in the right direction for your game. Both companies offer a semi-hard and semi-soft version of their product and have many similarities but also have some major differences. HeroMesh-White We will start off with East Coast Dyes Hero Mesh Semi Hard and Semi Soft mesh. Two great versions of this mesh with subtle differences. Starting with Hero Mesh Semi-Hard from the originators of weatherproof mesh. Hero Mesh features several key differentiating technologies such as LTH Fibers and HyperWeave that truly set this mesh apart. LTH Fibers are light weight and fully weatherproof for consistent play in any climate. Hyper Weave uses a super tight knit pattern to create perfectly shaped diamonds with increased texture for more ball grip. The Semi Hard version is best if you prefer a stiffer pocket with smooth release and increased accuracy. Hero Mesh Semi Soft carries a much softer feel allowing the ball to move in your pocket during cradling, passing and shooting for increased control and feel. Both are great options from a proven brand that has been wildly popular on the field. 1169191_1057268560997629_1210451196_n If for what ever reason you aren't feeling the Hero Mesh, StringKing Type 3 is an amazing line up for you. StringKing Type 3 also uses proprietary technology in their mesh for increased accuracy, control and speed. Twistex is StringKing's revolutionary technology created through twisted-yard to yield a high performance mesh. Twistex uses compact construction to create a ridged backbone for consistency and is also 15% lighter then pervious versions. Type 3x is the Semi-Hard offering from StringKing for a more focused and rigid pocket. Type 3S is the Semi-Soft mesh for players who prefer a shifting softer pocket for increased control and feel. Its a tough choice that comes down to a few key features and mostly preference. Both companies offer an array of color options for both of their product lines for that extra "wow" factor. StringKing's Twistex and East Coast Dyes HyperWeave both offer great performance with subtle differences. To truly find your favorite we recommend coming into your local Universal Lacrosse to try out some options and find your dream pocket.

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