East Coast Dyes Carbon vs. Focus Lacrosse Shafts

CARBON-PRO-BANNER-final-v In the world of composite shafts vs. metal shafts there is an epic match up out of East Coast Dyes. As everyone know, ECD is know for making innovative top notch products throughout the lacrosse industry. From the company's early beginning with wax coated mesh to now offering two great shaft options and even their new Mirage head in the near future. Well with two lines of lacrosse shafts there is obviously some room for debate and preferences between the two. Especially due to the drastic style change between the ECD Carbon and ECD Focus shaft. Black-Alternate For those of you who like carbon fiber shafts the East Coast Dyes Carbon line is for you. East Coast Dyes dialed in their Carbon shaft line to go above and beyond the rest. Paying close attention to where other carbon fiber shafts have failed, ECD made huge strides with the technology to bring metal/alloy shafts some serious competition. The ECD Carbon utilizes proprietary advanced composite materials paired with new manufacturing processes to create one of the best strength to weight ratios in the game. Another favorite detail on these shafts is the feel of these shafts, East Coast Dyes uses a sightly concave shape paired with a textured grip for great control and feel without going overboard. The ECD Carbon gives some of the best metal shafts a run for the money coming in at only $99. Silver-Sectioned Just incase your totally against carbon fiber shafts East Coast Dyes also whipped up the Focus shaft series made from a proprietary scandium blend. The Focus shaft is an other impressive offering by EDC and can rival any scandium metal shaft on the market. Tuned in with a special Scandium blend to create the optimal strength to weight ratio, super light and super strong. To give the Focus even more added strength this shaft utilizes a specifically designed concave shave to maximize strength potential and feel. ECD also transferred a similar finish from the popular Carbon line for a great grip to complement the shape. Either way - carbon or metal, your in safe hands if you end up in one of ECD's shaft lines. Both the Carbon and Focus offer elite level performance at an easy price point for any level player. Two great shafts from one great company, now all we need is the Mirage head to release so we can get some ECD completes going!

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