Gen. 6 Dragonfly: Techno Color

Epoch Lacrosse Gen. 6 Techno-Color Epoch lacrosse is still bringing the heat this fall with their "techno-color" series. We saw the birth of this idea last year with the Gen 5 shafts. They basically take hot looking graphics and raise the heat. The individualistic value here is put on the table because Epoch Lacrosse always makes a set amount of product and then runs out. I don't know about you, but I like to have product that 5 of my teammates won't be able to get their hands on. Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.17.09 AM This year Epoch decided to go all out with their techno-color initiative and bring a few other products to the line. I am not always one for a matchathon but this setup looks pretty sweet together.
Epoch Techno-color carolina setup Epoch Techno-color carolina setup
The hat body maintaining the color pop and the tee accenting with the carolina accent makes this a good fit. Granted, we won't be walking around with our lax stick at school but I try to keep my spoon in my hands for a few hours a day. Is this a new fashion trend? Matching your hat, shades and shaft? I am not quite sure we are ready for that but each one of these items looks pretty good on their own. Tomahawk shades is an eyewear manufacturer that has dominated the social scene and put specs on basically every pro lacrosse player int he game. Their shades are quality, priced fairly and the brand is a lot of fun. @Epochlax and @tomahawkshades announced their partnership on the gram and the techno-color series is the first time they linked their lifestyle wearables to a hardwoods lacrosse product. The gear looks great and we love to see company collaborations like this. Check out the Epoch Lacrosse produced video below for close-ups. Well done Tomahawkshades and Epochlax. Techno-color is approved by these gear heads!

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