Apollo vs Focus vs Metal

When you ask your self "will this shaft break, you are usually about to press the buy button or pull it off the shelf on your favorite lacrosse store. How do you really know how tough a shaft is to break? We typically go off of: 1. What our boys say 2. What the guy in the store says 3. What the tag on the shaft says or the commercial we saw it in With youtube rising to the top of review platform over the past few years there is always good content on which shafts work well for laxers all over the place. But which one of these aspiring youtube sensations were given he shaft by a manufacturer and which ones actually want to spread the truth about the game and its equipment? We might finally have a solution. This takes a lot of guts and $$ to pull off but your boy Chris from mainly mesh made it rain on the lax community and just broke $300 work of shafts and accidentally $100 worth of heads. When I first watched this video I thought to myself, "your just not going to hit a metal rail in the game." But, thats not the point, this was a side by side. The objective of this video was to watch the Maverik Apollo shaft vs the StringKing Metal shaft and the East Coast Dyes Focus shaft. No spoiler alert in this article but we did post it below so enjoy! skshaft1__1-1 I am sure the pain of breaking this product hurt a bit, but if you want to see more videos like that reach out to Chris and let him know. apollo7_ The Apollo won this battle and it looks like the Focus is slightly stronger then the Metal. In this case slightly heavier = stronger. That is an easy rule to follow when you are shopping. The next big question is what is more important: Strength, or durability? 11.1 Why is this type of test great? 1. No one does them because we hate breaking new lax gear. 2. A 3rd party testing product means no one product will be favored. 3. We just like to see people break stuff. Why is it not super accurate? 1. To actually compare strength you would need the same angle and force of each hit. In this method that is near impossible. For example the guy who was swinging the FOCUS was twice as big as the other two kids. 2. They are only testing 1 shaft... To get a true look at it you might have to test more then that. 3. Someone is def going to get injured eventually. We recommend gloves and goggles. We loved this video, so shoutout to @mainleymesh and Chris for putting it together. Enjoy! IT'S ALL U

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