Freshest Cleats in the Game

Laxers want to look from head to toe. We care a lot about our equipment, stick and style. Cleats are a key part in how we look. They tie together a players jersey and padding nicely, so you always need a fresh pair of kicks to set the tone. Some of the freshest cleats that just came out in my opinion are the Nike Huarache 5 Trophy Pack or the Thompson Water Pack. The Trophy pack features an all white cleat construction with a gold Nike swoosh and a gold underside. Also, there is a gold paint splatter graphic all over the sole of the shoe. The Huarache 5 Trophy pack are a flashy cleat, yet classy, but enough about the look, how about the performance? These are very lightweight cleats. They use synthetic leather bands so the cleat is both lightweight and flexible. Also, Nike strategically placed the cleats on the bottom of the shoe so it provides the most traction. cleat-side_15 The Thompson Water Pack looks awesome. It has such a clean and classy look to it, and if you're not into the white cleats, these are perfect for you. The majority of the shoe is black leather with different patterns and designs all around. The shoe comes with a deep blue Nike swish and a clean white bottom sole. Nike_Lacrosse_Water_Pack_H5_DET_02_original Overall, the performance in these cleats as well as the design and look is incredible. The Huarache's have a heel lock to make sure the cleat stays on your foot well for maximum comfort and stability. Little features like this is what can set something as simple as a cleat apart from the rest of the cleats. Nike really did a good job with their new line of Huarache 5s.

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